composite wire wrap

Composite WiRe Wrap

Composite WiRe Wrap system is a patented lightweight, high strength composite reinforcement system. This composite system is installed using our robotic technology and cured in-place around existing power lines which mechanically and structurally reinforce grid lines.


Aging of Grid Infrastructure: The U.S. electric grid has more than 200,000 miles of high voltage transmission lines and roughly 5.5 million miles of local distribution lines. According to the DOE, 70% of transmission lines are 25 years or older. 

Extreme Weather and Resiliency: Extreme weather and climate are severely impacting electric grid. Extreme weather is the leading cause of electric power outage.

Increase Penetration of Renewable Energies: Penetration of renewable energies requires to modernize the grid infrastructure and flow more power through the power transmission lines. Conventional technologies and materials such as Steel Core Cables are not able to address these needs and there is an immediate need of new technologies such as Advanced Composite Materials


  • Increasing Power Capacity: Up to 2X
  • Improving Reliability and Resiliency: by reducing the probability of hazardous events due to extreme weathers
  • Lowering GHG Emissions: by increasing power capacity which enables the transmission of more generated renewable energies
  • Serving Frontline Communities:¬†Overhead transmission lines run through these communities, when there is a wildfire due to thermal sagging, these communities are often the most vulnerable